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At the mid-point on the way to 2030, every action matters. There is a great opportunity to reimagine our future, to renew and adapt our institutions and to craft new stories about who we are and what we value. This is the hopeful path forward, the path to follow if we wish to thrive in a world in flux. Where we go from here is up to us.

That’s why the Business SDG Campaign is calling for businesses who are rewriting the story that shapes a new reality. It’s about knowing that the impossible is possible – if we act together. It means taking back our world because it belongs to all people, not just a few. We need to flip the script to achieve a healthy, just and green world, the ambitions at the heart of the SDGs.

How to Apply

To apply for Business SDG Awards please prepare a response to each section of the application form. All sections and questions are mandatory, except for those marked as ‘optional’. Only complete applications will be considered by the selection committee. Please note that the strongest entries will offer clear supporting evidence, such as photos and videos from participants in your initiative.

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