The UNGC framework is conceptually and practically very new to Tanzania. It is in this light that the formation of multiple working groups is being pursued, to discuss relevant issues pertinent to anti-corruption, the environment, labour, human rights, and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, in a Tanzanian context. The composition of the working group will include key actors from civil society and the private sector. Each working group will hold dedicated discussions on a specific subject matter.

Members will seek to establish an evolving understanding of the broad range of issues relevant to the UNGC framework, and work of the UNGC Local Network in Tanzania. Feedback resulting from the discussions will be noted in the form of action points, and be taken into consideration to direct the local networks activities and interventions.

Purpose of the Working Groups

The intention of the Working Groups is to foster collaboration under Multi stakeholder’s platform ie Private Sectors, Government, CSO, UN agencies, development partners and public at large to discern the best way to implement the agenda 2030 Action Framework to End Poverty and Advance the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  The work of the working groups is around the 3 pillars of actions stated in the Action Framework: Evidence, Advocacy and Collaboration.

Why should your organization join?

  1. Exchange experiences and good practices around anti-corruption efforts.
  2. Contribute to the development of leading guidance, including tools and resources, on anti-corruption
  3. Engage and collaborate with other stakeholders to collectively take action against corruption
  4. Serve as a voice of the private sector on issues related to transparency and accountability as part of sustainable development

The GCNT has Three working groups, namely Anti-corruption, Environment and SDGs that aim to provide a forum where cross-sector and cross-industry representatives and other stakeholders can discuss, collaborate, and innovate on the most pressing social, environmental, and economic challenges in Tanzania and globally.


Godfrey Simbeye – Chairman
Tanzania Private Sector Foundation
Esnath Nicodem – Secretary
National Audit Office
Working Group Members

Adelaida Tillya – Chairperson
Vice President office
Anael Macha – Secretary
City Engineering Co. Ltd
Working Group Members

Chairperson –
Secretary –
Working Group Members